A First Person Stealth Co-op Shooter now available through Steam. This project was built in Unreal Engine 4, and my role was AI and Gameplay programmer. My responsibilities was from researching AI techniques to implement into the game, work on the NPC’s behavior, creating tools for artist and designers, and creating the built to send it to test and possibly publishing on Steam.

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BOO! is a 3D arcade “spook-em-up” game. It was built over a period of eight months by a team of 3 programmers, 4 artists, 1 game designer, and 1 sound designer. The engine is built in C++ and supports a variety of scripting languages.

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My role: Producer / AI Programmer / Gameplay Programmer / Tools Support

Team Credits:
Jon Olson: Graphics Programmer / Tools Programmer
Kate Reinhard: Game Designer / Gameplay Programmer / 3D Modeler
Tim Crossley: Physics Programmer
Alex Ginter: 3D Modeler / Environment Artist
Bret Linne: 3D Modeler / Environment Artist
William Kinzig: Environment Artist
Edwin Ho: Concept Artist
Evan Alderete: Music / Sound Effects (425)761-6488